What is a Pokédex?

A Pokédex is a trainer’s number one tool when it comes to managing, identifying, and training their Pokémon. It is linked to every Poké Ball a trainer has and contains statistical information about their Pokémon and thanks to world famous trainers such as Red, is an encyclopedia of Pokémon that can tell a trainer what kind of habitat a Pokémon lives in, what it eats, and general information about it’s behavior and abilities. To facilitate this, it has a built in camera that can be used to identify wild Pokémon up to 50 meters away and provide immediate data about the target. For trainers with more than six Pokémon it can also be used to manage their Pokémon from any PC connected to the League Network, allowing them to transfer Pokémon in and out of storage, and more advanced ones can do this without the aid of a PC.

In addition to the above functions it also performs functions similar to a modern smart phone, allowing a trainer to store contact information of other trainers met on the road, make video or voice calls, send messages, and provide basic GPS functions (although this is not an accurate measurement of a trainer’s location, and should not be relied upon for exact navigation).

What Can’t it Do?

There is one shortcoming of the Pokédex that will probably not be overcome in the near future: a Pokédex can’t give a trainer exact statistical information about a wild Pokémon or those of another trainer, only general information. This is because it extracts this information from a trainer’s Poké Balls, meaning it can only provide exact data such as level, combat statistics, and an exact move list for Pokémon a trainer already owns.


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